‘Childfree’ is gaining traction worldwide

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

“Millennials are on track to be one of the poorest generations on record. Gen Z knows they’ll be spending most of their lives cleaning up a climate mess and solving a century’s worth of political problems, including a resurgence of fascism. With pollution suffocating our cities and turning skies blood orange, survival itself is starting to look like a form of privilege. So yeah, it’s not totally shocking that a handful of people would lose their shit and decide to start their own personal armageddon.”

“It’s no secret that we’re angrier than we were ten years ago, and much angrier than we were twenty years ago. You can thank politicians and the main stream media. You can also thank CEOs. They’ve colluded with each other to create a society full of chaos and noise. They manufacture scarcity, along with deplorable work and living conditions. They create technologies and cultural norms that isolate us from each other.”

“Millennials like us already earn less on average than the previous generation for the same amount of work. Inflation eats into that further, creating the need for side hustles. So, we’ve got a vicious circle going. Millions of people deal with these impossible choices. They’re not unproductive. They’re not making excuses. Most of them don’t need an expensive seminar on how to manage their time.”

“Even without a life-upending pandemic, trying to have a baby without consistent, legally enforced societal and medical support is indeed very hard.”



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