Navigating The Nuances Of A White Collar Job

Photo by Redd on Unsplash


“Working with someone who seems to have no boundaries means that you have to go ahead and set them.

“One of the challenges of unlikable people is that they come with equally unlikable behavior — and it’s important to learn how to distance yourself from that behavior. As Robert Frost said, ‘Good fences make good neighbors.’””

“To truly improve collaboration, leaders must provide an environment where employees are not afraid to share their ideas. Leaders must create a culture where the exchange of ideas is encouraged and rewarded. Teamwork and collaboration must be a central theme of the mission statement to improve collaboration”

“The next time you’re about to open your mouth with critical feedback think about how it will help the situation. See if there is a way to offer positive feedback to reinforce good behavior.”

“Company festivities are times for us to chit chat on other topics. Activities can help open communication among employees from other teams or between employees and management. There are some people that we would not connect with until we are in the same team of a competition”



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Caffeinated Thoughts

Caffeinated Thoughts

I am an avid trekker, content writer, photographer and sports enthusiast. I write about trekking, society, overpopulation, lifestyle and veganism in general.